FR: Smart selection filtering when apply commands

Easier to give an example, probably…

  1. Create some notes, with some random gradual dynamics.
  2. Select the music (say, we’re talking two bars, so just select everthing in the two bars)
  3. Right Click, Dynamics > Group Dynamics
  4. It does nothing.
  5. Curse.
  6. Right click, Filter > All Dynamics
  7. It actually does what you want.

Why are steps 4-6 nessesary?

I haven’t done extensive testing, but I bet there are a lot of other parallel situations.

Essentially what I propose is that commands that operate on a single type of object should just ignore any part of the selection that it doesn’t apply to rather than refusing to do anything.

I just tried to reproduce this, and after step 3 the dynamics were grouped.

Maybe you can attach a screen shot of exactly what your test case looked like.

The failure case might be if the first dynamic is not at the earliest selected rhythmic position, perhaps? But yes, it would be helpful to see the specific situation in which it fails to work.