FR: Solution for chant lyric edits

It’s a request for help, but no proposed solutions. This sort of thing happens constantly, and the size of the popover field makes editing quite difficult:


I don’t know what to suggest, except that any future improvements to this functionality would be immensely welcome!

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I would certainly find an improvement here welcome as well. I can think of a few options:

  1. Larger default popover
  2. Expandable popover (to a point, please not infinite)
  3. Multi-line popover when the horizontal character limit is reached.

I find that if I have to go back and edit something in a long string of text (just as you’ve shown) that I often overshoot one way or the other because you can’t see very far ahead, this is particularly true if you want to edit the beginning of the phrase. Clicking on the correct spot always starts you at the end of the phrase. It’s true that you can click on the previous lyric and then advance to the ext rhythmic position, but sometimes that’s awkward.

Use the Lyric Window instead? (I have Command L set up for that.)

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