FR: Some way of using MIDI VST plugins

I see that Cubase, from 5.0, can’t use VST MIDI anymore, but… why? There are so many great VST plugins for MIDI, and also one could create others with SynthMaker or the likes, but I am surely not going into C++ programming to make some simple plugins. Does anyone else miss VST 2 MIDI plugins? I strongly miss that.

Just a small and last bump: really, nobody misses this? It surprises me. I know you can use it in the instruments rack and route to and from the instrument, but it’s not the same thing.

I sort of do … I remember using some Cakewalk wrapper that you placed in one of the Cubase subfolders so you could use all the stuff like Frank’s Midi Plugs or RealGuitar.

My main guess is they discontinued that support because is Cubase is so deep in midi … seems like I’m always learning something new, like using the logical editor or various included midi plugins … that there is probably little midi manipulation you cannot already do in the program.

And with the new ability to program midi messages by note instead of channel, I expect there are a lot of greater things to come.


I guess you’re right, but I would use some VST plugins as well as more MIDI inserts, I find 4 too little.

drop the plugin DLLs into:
but replace with the proper filepath for your system , of course.

I think I wasn’t reading carefully. I was talking about the MFX midi plugins.

I was using the MFX.dll wrapper in SX3 … but when I placed it in the components folder it froze C6 and the program wouldn’t open.


It doesn’t work to me, HowlingUlf, I put the DLLs in ´C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Components´, but they don’t show in MIDI inserts. Remember i’m talking about VST 2, not VSTMA plugins.