FR: spectral effects

in a spectral editor, especially spectralayers pro 7, you can do already do some morphing, didn’t tried it, strangely. i use another way normally.

but spectral/warping/morphing/effects, nice addition, perhaps?

i know that is a not very specific FR, but i think people who know FFT, spectral effects etc, the capabilties, are better suited than me, to know what is out there. algorithms…

EDIT: morphing seems to have its limitations, with imprint (mold). of course i can do a lot myself. but an algorithmic approach to using one layer on another layer would give more sounddesign capabilities. everything is in way already in place, except the algorythms.

perhaps. i am looking at it in wrong way. there are of course enough chirgurical methods, do spectral editing. and perhaps it is beyond the scope of spectralayers or isn’t it?

FFT is powerfull… that i know…

Can you give some references of other things out there already?

Meldaproduction MMorph for example, really Morphs 2 sounds, has several parameters, etc. great effect plugin. does it’s job, quite well…

Spectra Additive Resynthesizer, is completely additive, but you change the harmonics in many ways.

of course; Zebra2, the spectral effects; although the oscillator is a ‘strange’ design, it is not fully additive, but i guess the effects; can be used as a starting point.

i read a lot about it, try a lot, but i don’t take notes, and i write sometimes long posts about that some people seem to understand, although they aren’t written out (is that english?).
over months, i speak, collecting information, but not taking any notes, but apply them, with the tools i have, or buy tools…

i must take time to make notes. the next round, when i go in depth again. i shall take notes. for myself… and others.

this is also an example: CUBE

the fully comprehend what it does, or can, i must download the demo. but the overlap seems quite big. it is an instrument yes. a demo. well. too much information already.

the spectra additive resynthesizer manual, pages 38-46, give a direction what can be done, although it strictly additive.

a free example is frequency domain modules for VCV rack.

there is another example, but i can’t reproduce it yet, it is showcase by someone…
but within spectral you already have split: frequency, amplitude and phase.
you can detach amplitude and frequency. for example.
AM / FM… on the same partials? or windows, better.
o well limitless. not all suitable for spectralayers pro 7. or is it? i don’t know.
everyone has it’s own workflow.

still a brainstorm post. to early perhaps. notes! notes! and learn more about FFT. spectal synthesis (=additve synthesis + inharmonics).