FR: Staff Spacing change

out of frustration I want to place a FR here:

I want to ask for a “staff spacing change” similar to the “note spacing change”. At the moment I am preparing a publication with a lot of different pieces. Some have lot’s of articulations and dynamics between the staves and some have got very few. Normally I have got two systems per staff and most of the time I have got two voices on a systems.
Some pages have got 5 staves most pages have got 6 and very few have got 7.
I can’t find a setting for vertical spacing, which is suitable for all the pages. Therefore, I have to do a lot of manual staff spacing edits. Unfortunately, after that, Dorico still think’s, that the staves are in their original position. I want to place some dynamics in the middle between two staves, but when I move the dynamics down, Dorico is moving the lower staff down as well, even if there enough space now. It would have been a problem with the default position … :frowning:
(I hope I was able to explain my problem well enough.)

I don’t think, that I am the only one, who could benefit from a staff spacing change.

Also, it would be great, if there would be an option to place dynamics in the middle between two staves, even if there are two different instruments. (It’s a publication for people who are reading from the score and the dynamics are placed in the middle between the two systems for all players.)

Daniel, I can’t post the file here. If you are interested to see it, I could send it to you.

Yes, I agree that this would be a useful feature for us to add in a future version.

Hi Daniel,

thank you for consideration.
For the other problem I’ve made a small (ridiculous) example. Please do the following steps:

  1. select all the dynamics
  2. in Engrave mode move the dynamics down

Result: even if there is lots of space, Dorico will move the lower staff as well. In my opinion, this should not be the case. (536 KB)