FR: String indicators above or below the stave


I’m kind of surprised not to find an option to position the string indicators above or below the stave as suggested by E. Gould (p.373). Could we have that option too?
At the moment the only way i see to get that is to move one by one (or select more than one using control+click, and then move them together).

-Would it be also posible to make the option “Erase background behind fingerings inside the staff” independent from “Allow left-hand fingerings inside the staff for fretted instruments”? In some cases i would preffer to have the fingerings outside the staff als default but also the possibility to manually position some fingerings inside the staff and these ones should be able to erase the background.

Thanks for considering.

There are string indicators outside the staff, but they’re playing technique items rather than properties of notes. See more info here.

Thanks Lillie,

Glad to see it was just me that have not seen/understood the functionality.
Have i missed something too regarding my question about “Erase background behind fingerings inside the staff”?

You haven’t missed anything concerning the erased background for fingerings that are positioned outside the staff, but it’s something we may add in future.