[FR] Studio Sends - why only 4?

I’m using the Control Room Studio Sends for separate headphone mixes, which I find works really well (especially when using the ‘Use Current Mix Levels’ and ‘Use Current Pan Settings’ options which are great starting points).

It is a great feature, but why are there only 4 sends?

Would it be possible to increase this to 8 Studio Sends to match the number of Inserts, Sends, Direct Routing options currently available?

+1 !!!

That makes 5 then …


+3 - we’re there!


+1…that’s in agreement not 9 sends :slight_smile:



HA! Now I want to see the GUI for that… :wink:


+1 as well.

In all seriousness, 8 Studio Sends would be very helpful - 4 is not enough.

+1 …

Can anyone from Steinberg confirm that this will be looked at?

There are several things we want to do with the mixer in general to make it more flexible. Whether or not the Studio Sends are part of it is not decided yet but definitely considered. In general, it’s a bit too early to talk about this in detail.

Bredo, I didn’t remove anything so I am not sure what happened. Maybe Fredo knows more?

This might have something to do with Marcus at Steinberg Service - He was the one who ‘warned’ me not to use ‘[Bug]’ in a Topic heading and also started going on about topics only referring to a single issue.

I did remove the OT posts.
Hijacking of threads is handled with a zero-tolerance.


Quite right too.