FR:suggestion for "Rename" improvement

I did a project recently that I mislabeled the date of the project (the date is a part of the file name).
I ended up with over 1000 files that needed to have the names changed. I couldn’t just use a rename
utility because then Nuendo wouldn’t be able to find the files that belong in the projects. And I couldn’t
use Nuendo’s rename function because the incorrect date would still be in the files. I had to MANUALLY
change the name of ALL 1000 files.

I have used a renaming utility called “Lupas Rename 2000” that is simply brilliant. You can change any file name
in any imaginable way. REALLY!

If Steinberg could incorporate the functionality of “Lupas Rename 2000” into the Nuendo/Cubase rename function
you could save users a GREAT DEAL of grief, and create an extremely flexible product.
Granted I am on N3, so I do not know if things have been changed since version-3.


To be able to rename filenames you need to do it in the pool rather than in the project view. But indeed the rename functionality itself could defInetly be improved on.

Workaround: PLE selecting all the files containing the faulty name, Audio-select in pool, rename in pool. Should work IF the rename is able to handle your specific renaming issue.

Yeah Erik, I may not have said it, but I meant using the rename function within the pool.
I am surprised that more people aren’t bothered by the limitations of the rename function.
Maybe with the project logical editor this is less of an issue with some, but I also bet
there are a bunch of post/foley/sfx/sound design people out there who would love the kind
of in-depth renaming like Lupas can do.