FR: Suspend VST3 Processing

Feature Request: Option “Suspend VST3 plug-in processing when no audio signal are received”, like in Cubase.

WaveLab already has this feature (not an option). But this feature requires the VST-3 plugins to support this protocol too.

Ah, ok thanks PG. It does look like the Steinberg plugins Compressor and Master Rig are suspending. But the built in Voxengo Curve EQ is not. I had thought that in Cubase, any VST3 plugin would suspend. Is that not how it is?

Testing this just a bit, I’m finding 3rd party VST3 plugins that don’t suspend processing with this function. If there are more like this, It really limits the function’s usefulness. Limited testing with an older version of Cubase, it seems like the situation is probably the same with these plugins and the VST3 Suspend function enabled in Cubase. No suspend.

Steinberg plugins - yes, they suspend processing when no signal present.
Stillwell - yes

Voxengo built in - no
Sonnox built in - no
Izotope RX plugins - no
Waves - no
A.O.M. - no

I have a lot more to test.

Did some more testing.

These VST3 plugins suspend processing when no signal present:

These don’t:
Voxengo built in
Sonnox built in

The vast majority don’t.

Haven’t been able to check FabFilter yet.

It’s strange, if this is the case with Cubase too. How else are they doing dynamic plugin management? I’ve read Pro Tools and Logic do this from their end, and Reaper seems to do some of this even with VST2. I don’t get it.

I think I spoke too soon about Reaper. I’m not sure what Reaper is doing yet.