FR: swipe behaviour for mute+solo buttons

Studio One and Reaper offer this.

Click and hold the mouse button on a mute or solo button.
Swipe the mouse across multiple tracks and their mute/solo buttons, to activate the same button on the other tracks.


In Cubase:

  • Select (click) the 1st track from the list.
  • Hold down Shift.
  • Select (click) the last track from the list.
  • Press S.

Isn’t it easier?

It’s just different.

Sometimes I want to swipe solo a few tracks that are alongside each other, whilst using my other hand to play my midi controller, or tweak outboard hardware, or otherwise multi-task.

That’s multiple key presses and clicks vs one click & swipe.

After seeing it in Digital Performer, I’m firmly in the solo/mute swipe camp now. I’d love to see it.

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