[FR] Sync Visibility Help

I can find no reference to the ‘Sync Track/Channel Type Filters’ option in the on-line Help, nor is it in the now woefully out-of-date N6 user manual provided with the N6.5 update I recently purchased, nor is it in the separate N6.5 New Features document.

Suggestion: Provide Help for this feature. Better still, and I know this idea is way out there, keep the Nuendo user manual up-to-date so that the users can actually use it without having to search for, and search through, a series of separate pamphlets relating to interim updates and bug-fixes.

OK, if the bug-fix/new-feature updates are free I can accept a note about what has been changed (with the assumption that the changes will be included in the user manual provided with the next paid-for update), but if an update is paid for I think it not unreasonable to expect to be provided with a full, up-to-date user manual that contains all the changes made in the previous versions, and excludes features that are no longer present in the product - Since when was confusing new and old users deemed to be a good marketing strategy?

Steinberg might take the view that existing users may be able to get all the update notes together and work out where the software is at any given point (although this clearly does not work), but what about the user who is new to Nuendo? - He pays a lot of money for the latest version (because that is the only version available in the Steinberg shop) and gets an inaccurate, out-of-date user manual to struggle through!

BTW, I’m talking about easily-updateable .pdf files here - I do not expect a printed user manual any more.