FR: Tempo Text Selected After Using Popover

When using the Tempo (Shift-T) popover, upon closing the popover the entered tempo text is not selected – it’s blue instead of orange. (This is also true of tempo markings entered via the right-hand panel). I often find that immediately after entering tempo text, I need to change its properties, such as hiding the metronome marking, or hiding the text, etc. I need to select the just-entered tempo text to do this. It would be nice if, after closing the popover, Dorico would select the text automatically. Although it only saves one click, things like this do add up over time. Thanks!

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I find that when I finish tempo entry and it’s blue, I can go ahead and change its properties. This doesn’t work for you?

Well, by George, you’re right, Mark. Since it wasn’t orange, I assumed it wasn’t selected and therefore changing properties wouldn’t work until it was selected. I usually keep the lower panel closed, so I never noticed that the properties were available with the text showing in blue. It does beg the question, though: why is it blue and not orange?

Blue means linked. Probably the Tempo is selected somewhere else on the staff or implicitly selected.

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Well, I suppose they’re linked in the sense that they’re system objects that can appear above multiple staves, but then again so are Rehearsal Marks and System Text (alt-shift-x), and those are orange after closing the popover. So it’s still a bit of a mystery to me.