[FR] - third party support for channel strip 'plugins'

I’ve seen a few posts already sort of suggesting something similar, though not quite like this.

Essentially, I would like to ask SB to open up the channel strip as a special vst3 plugin format, so that third parties can either develop or adapt their current plug-ins to fit the channel strip paradigm.

Not only would this instantly make custom mixer-modeling a possibility, but it would also open up the channel strip to a world of different compressor, limiter and distortion/saturation options.

For example:
-Slate VCC channels
-Waves SSL, Neve and API emulations as channel strips, as well as their NLS summing plug-ins as channel strips
-UAD Neve, SSL, API options
-Steinbergs own Neve and Yamaha plug-ins as channel strips

Imagine being able to use one of UAD’s Teletronix or Softube’s Summit and Trident options as a channel strip compressor…or use SB’s Neve EQ as a channel strip EQ…the list goes on.

I suspect that plug-in wise, not much would have to change other than a modified front end that fits the channel strip, or otherwise a pop-out window that allows all the controls a particular plug-in might have…

This would be so good. I absolutely love the concept of the channel strip - the ability to see which channels are connected to a channel and jump freely between them.
But when it comes to the processors in the channel strip (and the ergonomics and scaling of the controls) it is disappointing.

Would have thought Steinberg might put some love into this channel strip so that it could really become a central part of the workflow.
As it is, the processors aren’t nearly usable enough for people to put down their third party stuff.

Now, we know Steinberg can provide the goods - a cursory look at their new analyser plug (best on the market in my opinion) and the stereo width plugin - shows that they can do it.