FR: This would speed up my flow significantly: Tool presets

I would be flying if I could have for instance 4 presets for ‘attenuation’ that are keybinded. For instance I’m typically using 2, 10, 18, and 22 values.

To be able to press a keyboard key, would be a lot quicker and less repetitive than having to variably get to those numbers.

It might be a little overkill to have presets for each single setting, but I’m definitely planning to add presets management for each tool at some point (see that tool icon on the left side of the tool settings ? right now it’s only a reset button, but it’s likely going to expand into a larger preset management button - so if you’re cycling through different hardness settings for instance, you could create general presets for those - along with all the other tool settings).

Makes sense and that might suffice

The cool thing if each had presets, is someone could make a MetaGrid control scheme or use StreamDeck with representative graphics for each preset which would just make work very seamless pressing the preset shortcuts while mousing around. Hardcore post-production editors would likely map each preset.

Being able to invert the Ratio and reset it specifically could also be handy as a shortcut.

unrelated, but another thing I’ve struggled with ARA2 integration, and this is maybe more Cubase side - accidentally pressing undo with the wrong window focused (ie Cubase) which undoes the ARA2 and erases all work - redo doesn’t bring it back. I’ve mentioned this before and I think you said ARA2 protocol does not have that kind of undo/redo capacity yet - I think then if possible, Steinberg should have a warning window when undoing ARA2 (and there can be a ‘Do Not Show Again’ preference for those that find the warning annoying)

I agree, a warning would definitely be helpful on the Cubase/Nuendo side. I’ll suggest it to the team.

Yes I’ve got caught a couple times with that.

In regards to the original topic, I can definitely work quicker than I am able to change the parameters to what I need them to be at any given moment if that makes sense.

Definitely a ‘Ratio Reset’ hotkey, hotkeys for each Ratio extreme (full horizontal, full vertical, normal circle), and 4 ‘Size’ presets and 4 ‘Attenuation’ presets would speed things up considerably, this is where I feel a bit hindered whereas with these hotkeys I would be seamlessly flying through me eraser edits.


Even hotkeys that cue typing in the values into the parameters boxes might be good.

That’s going to be a really good addition IMO. I hope you might consider also adding global presets where we can hit a hotkey and it will select the tool and recall the settings both, all in the one key press. :mrgreen:

Even just a hotkey for the Tool Reset button would speed things up considerably for me. I would probably use it a lot more if binded to a key.

I’ll probably add the following customizable shortcuts:
-Reset Tool Settings
-Tool Preset #1

-Tool Preset #9

That will probably work great.

Thinking ahead on this, I have a couple suggestions.

I’ve suggested before to be able to separate the keypad keys from the horizontal number/symbols so that they are separate keybinds. This would be essential for these new keybinds. I’d like to have the presets on the keypad, and tools on the horizontal number/symbols.

Secondly, being able to save/store the presets - for the purpose of backing up, but also, I may want to make adjustments to the tool presets on a per project basis.

Thirdly having keycommands to ‘Set Preset’ to a slot/number. (thus also needing to be able to save the presets in total)

my setup would be something like this:
Tool Preset - Keypad 1-9
Set Tool Preset - Ctrl+Keypad 1-9

You could have keycommands for both ‘Load’ and ‘Save’ tool preset sets.

additionally, having key commands for Zoom/Visual Settings presets would be useful and users could sort of match these Visual Presets to tool Presets since they effect each other. For instance, I am editing some project extracted snare samples right now and It would be nice to be able go right to the exact same tool and view settings in two keystrokes.

So I could set Zoom/View Presets - Shift+Keypad 1-9.

And if you ever add a macro system, people could potentially combine their tool presets and view presets together (or just offer it as a combined key command Tool+View preset 1-9) which for example I could make. alt+shift+keypad 1-9. And as before you could have a ‘Set Tool+View’ preset which I’d set as ctrl+Shift+Keypad 1-9.

Maybe it’s overkill, but after having to edit a very mechanically noisey baritone rhythm sax player the other day on a no-metronome ungridded 6 minute song (I’m pretty sure this guy was using his sax buttons to keep time, loudly)… Nothing seems like overkill in my head.