[FR] Three things that make me jealous of Pro Tools

Nuendo is the best!

However I do look at my Pro Tools HD colleagues enviously because of these capabilities:

  1. Export to Quicktime (or MP4/M4V or such-like. I know some forum members believe QT life is limited).
  2. VCA faders
  3. Import Project Data (called Import Session Data in Pro Tools. Import all or only selected tracks from another project into an already open project. Import Track Archive is useful if you know in advance, but you have to export first from the source project. If you didn’t know you were wanting something from another project you would close the one you’re working in, open the source project, export the track archive, close that project and re-open the target project and import the track archive.)

Please could these make it into the feature set?! :slight_smile:



Nuendo 6.5.30 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, Intel Core i7 etc., etc.

I think you’d be better off posting your support in each thread on each request. Don’t forget the thread on “groups” :slight_smile: