FR: Toggle automatic cautionary accidental by typing it

Sometimes you want to add cautionary accidentals, even if Dorico’s automatic routine didn’t decide to do so. In that case, it’s very simple: just type =/-/0 with the note selected, and the accidental will appear explicitly. Hit =/-/0 again to toggle. Technically, this toggles the ‘Accidental: Show’ property. This works great.

Now I’d like to request also the opposite behaviour:
If Dorico, following its rules, has added a cautionary accidental, there may be circumstances where it’s actually superfluous or even confusing, so you want to hide it. Of course you can set the ‘Accidental: Hide’ property (even create a custom shortcut for it), but it would be nice if you could also remove/toggle the visibility of an automatic cautionary by typing =/-/0, which would technically activate ‘Accidental: Hide’.
I think I remember it used to work like that in Sibelius in the distant past.

The “Toggle accidental visibility” works to hide as well. I have it set to Shift-1. Press it twice and the cautionary will disappear.


I’d say it’s simpler than that. Create a shortcut to toggle accidentals once and for all and use it once to show the accidental, twice to hide the accidental, thrice to show a cautionary accidental…

I didn’t think of the multiple-keystroke shortcuts yet, haven’t used those very often. I’m going to try. Thanks guys.

(Yet, having it natively would be nice, I think. My muscle memory is still there… and it’d feel ‘intuitive’ :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)

The command Dan and Marc are talking about doesn’t involve multiple-keystroke shortcuts.

It’s just one command that toggles around all the accidental visibility options.

I’ve used H, which is sort of for “Hide”, but obviously works to Show, and for brackets.

Wait, did I really never try this before?:flushed: I feel slightly embarrassed. Not at computer rn, must check later.

For reference (or nostalgia?) here is a 2½-year-old thread where we investigated this …

I just kept the Finale shortcut when I switched over so have mine set to *.