FR: Toggle View

This is obviously a minor thing, but it would be great to have a Toggle View option that would switch between Page and Galley. This switch can easily be made with the current 2 shortcuts, but it seems like I hit the wrong one half the time, LOL! If I’m in Page already, I obviously don’t need to switch to Page and vice versa, so a simple Toggle View option could just switch to whichever view the user wasn’t currently using. Sorry if this has already been brought up, but after hitting the wrong option about 5 times already this morning, just thought I’d request it.

While I think for certain macro use cases having dedicated static commands might be useful (or rather, having the option to assign such commands) it seems quite sensible to me that one command that toggles views would be a superior way to go about it.


I’m one who uses Galley view almost exclusively, but I can see how this would be quite useful for anyone that regularly switches between Page and Galley.

Great idea. If you’re on one view, there’s only one place to go: to the other view! Just like Show/Hide signposts, or Show/Hide bar numbers.

+1 from me too.



Thanks for the suggestion, which we’ll certainly consider for the future.