[FR] 'Tool Settings' - live updating on active selections.?

Just started my SL 7 Pro Trial…

In a future version, would be nice if the Tool Settings at top (‘Time/Frequency Fade’ for example) could be made to work ‘dynamically’ on active selections. As it is, SL requires you set these first before making any selection… And then, if its still no good.? You need to de-select, make the adjustment, then re-select and see if you’re ok… Still not quite right…? Rinse/repeat etc, etc… :wink:

(A small thing yes, but a workflow boost - something I hit quite quickly anyway; and yes, I’ve seen that ‘Save Selection’ nonsense…!)

I agree; there will definitely be improvements at some point in that area.

Great… the Transform Tools as well of course…

And whilst we’re here, newbie question - what state is the ‘Duplicate’ button set to in the Tool Settings, when you first look at it; what does a light-grey look mean as opposed to dark-grey (which is what happens when you click on it)…? which is ‘on’, which is ‘off’.? Manual doesn’t help… Ok yes - once learned, you never have to ask again. But for the new user, you’re just left fumbling/fiddling to try and discern what’s what.

Also, why not be consistent with the rest of the Tools buttons in this bar and use a little arrow checkbox next to it instead.?

(Again, those draggable ‘value’ fields being made to act on the current selection etc… would be very obvious/cool as a UI/UX thing)

In SpectraLayers, a button/icon with a light background is not pressed (unchecked). A button/icon with a dark background is pressed (checked).
The default state for Duplicate is not checked. The reason it’s not a checkbox is because it’s not a permanent option, but a temporary state.
When pressed, it’s only valid for the next tool click (=one copy).
The same goes for the “Pick Source” button of the Clone Stamp tool.
Both buttons (Duplicate and Pick Source) can also be triggered using the [Alt] key when using the tool.

Ah.! Ok, understood. Thanks for that (and yes, discovered later about use of ALT modifier.!).

The shading and spacing (or shape/size.?) of that button could be made more discernible for new users IMHO - and it all seems needlessly ‘cramped’ together up there in that top bar too; there’s tons of space… :wink:)

Oh well, I guess one gets used to these things. Can the info be added to the Manual too…?

Indeed I will clarify the documentation.