[FR] Track mute button available in editor

As the title, really - I think it would really improve workflow if a track’s mute button was available in the editor. Many has been the time when I’ve opened a part in the editor, to find that it is muted, OR when I’m working on recreating/mimicing an audio track I may want to mute the part i’m working on momentarily. Keyboard shortcuts don’t work for Mute or Solo when you’re in the editor either…

Yes, of course, I can go back to the project window to do this, but then the edit window will disappear behind the project window and need to be re-summoned.

As an aside, does anyone else think it’s a bit dumb that “Edit Solo” doesn’t over-ride a track being Muted? Again, it seems to me that a quick bit of work in this area could make things run a lot smoother. If Edit Solo worked in a similar manner to the track Solo button (i.e. could be added to the currently soloed tracks) it would make sense to me, so maybe adding the track’s Mute and Solo buttons would be useful?

Yes, and if this is taken care of, your feature request holds no ground anymore, in my view. The Solo Editor button should not work together with project solo settings. If that was the case it would be totally useless, IMO. It is meant to only and exclusively solo the edited audio, and I agree, that should include ‘Mute Defeat’.

Depends how you work… sounds like we work in different ways. With Edit solo sorted out (or made as a preference) it still wouldn’t do what I want solely.