FR: "trailing text" in tempo markings

So one can have something like this:


I’m envisioning something like dynamics, where there are prefix/suffix properties.

Yes, I know using some of the notehead fonts foating around I could fake this in text, but I prefer not to.

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Semantically speaking, “the trailing text is more playing technique than tempo” is what the Dorico AI is likely thinking.

That said, I have not problem with your request to allow trailing text after the M.M. marking.

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Well, you don’t want to fake it with text, but it’s the only way to get all this marking formatted like this!

Can I plus one this as a feature request. It makes perfect sense to be able to enter:

“q = 57 or faster”

It is so common in scores, this sort of indication.

In the next version of Dorico it will be possible on a per-tempo basis to swap the order of the metronome mark and the following text, so you’ll be able to achieve simple markings with metronome marks followed by text easily.


Perhaps a most flexible option would be to add a token for the current mm, so one could turn off display of the MM, and then drop the token in exactly where desired?