FR: Transposed input with octave transposing instruments

The Guitar ottava clef discussion yesterday reminded me of another issue. Unless I haven’t discovered the correct setting, it’s still not possible to input written pitches into an octave transposing instrument at the correct octave, is it? For example, Tenor Sax transposes up a 9th, and when viewing a transposed score I can easily input the written pitches that the player will see without any issues. If I try the same with a Piccolo or Contrabass the input will be off by an octave. If I try to input a written D4 in a transposed Piccolo part, Dorico inputs a D3 which is off the instrument by an octave.

It seems like Dorico doesn’t allow transposed input for octave transposing instruments, but does for literally every other interval of transposition. This always gets me when I’m inputting from a transposed manuscript, or when I’m transcribing a bass part, etc. I’m not sure why Dorico is fine with transposed input for an instrument that reads up a 6th or 9th, but not for one that reads up an 8th. In any case, if this setting doesn’t already exist and I’ve overlooked it, I’d love to be able to input octave transposing instruments at written pitch when inputting into a transposed score. (Obviously the concert score input is already correct.) Thanks for considering!