FR: Unify "Export Audio Mixdown" and "Export Selected Events" export dialogs

When recording tons of sounds, they need to get edited and exported as finished, edited sound. It’s a hassle to do this one by one so I’m usually having one big session with all the field recordings from a specific event or time, edit them all, and then want to export them all.

For that I use “Export Selected Events”. It does nicely what I need. But I miss a few options from the regular export dialog. So here goes my feature request.

  • Add “File Format” Options from the audio mixdown dialog: I would like to write BWF chunks into my selected events and also define a general loudness to which my events should get normalized to. I can do it in the “audio mixdown” dialog, why not in the “selected events” dialog?
  • Add “Engine Output” Options from the audio mixdown dialog: I would like to convert my output and do a mono downmix of all files on the fly, or change sample rate. I can change the bit depth, why can’t I change the sample rate in the export selected events dialog?

I’m currently asking myself why those two dialogs are so totally different and have vastly different options for the same things. The easiest thing would be to take the regular audio mixdown dialog and add the event options to it like “Render Tracks as Separate Events / as Block…” and if the signal path should be rendered dry, with channel settings or the complete signal path and so on. So the export dialogs are consistent and also have the same options that make sense.