FR: Up-stem Voice 1

I know there have been feature requests about customizing voice colors in the past so I’m not trying to re-hash those requests here, but I think a setting somewhere to have Up-stem Voice 1 appear as black instead of blue with Voice Colors turned on could be very useful. As I’m using that voice the majority of the time, I could leave Voice Colors turned on and wouldn’t have to look at a technicolor screen as anything in Up-stem Voice 1 would just be black. Anything not in Up-stem Voice 1 would stand out even more as it would be in color instead of black. This wouldn’t involve any sort of custom color picker like some of the custom voice color requests, the user could just have two options: blue or black. If this were an option, I’m pretty sure I’d leave Voice Colors turned on, which would be helpful making sure I’m in the correct voice, rather than off as I find a screen full of light blue music distracting.

Anyway, thanks for considering this somewhat simplified version of the Voice Color request!

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Thanks for the suggestion, Todd. We do hope to introduce a more comprehensive set of options for customising colours in future versions of Dorico as it’s something that users with accessibility requirements also need.

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This is a really interesting idea.