FR: Updated Download Manager


Christmas Greetings to the Cubase community. I hope everyone is enjoying the new Cubase 9.5.
As this new update is one based on user requests, I would like to add one too.

I would like to see a more complete version of the Steinberg Download Manager,
in the style of the one offered by Native Instruments.
This would include:

  • an access to the MySteinberg account (to assure that only registered content can be downloaded via Download Manager)
  • a Resume function (I am not sure if this applies to all downloads, but I had to re-start a Nuendo download four times)
  • a list, where I can choose what to download
  • packing the main program in a zip
  • libraries without zip as VST Sound containers

Let me use Cubase 9.5 and Halion 6 as examples.
Everytime we download the Cubase 9 or 9.5 complete, we are also downloading all the libraries,
which are 80% identical to the libraries from the version before. I think this is completely innecessary.

From the users standpoint this means:

  • to download content he/she has already downloaded before
  • more spaced used on harddisk due to doubled content (although it might be temporarly)
  • more harddisk space need to unzip the download package
  • equally more download time
  • re-start download in case of a network interruption.

From SteinbergĀ“s point of view, this means much:

  • longer download times
  • more bandwidth used

In case of HALion 6 its almost 30 GB. Not everyone has a quick internet connection,
and it would be only logical to reduce the amount of data to be downloaded.
A friend of mine let download 3 entire days for the whole Absolute Collection
(although its a bad example, as it already consists of multiple products).

With an updated Download Manager all these issues could be solved in a very elegant manner.
Any comments?

All the best.