[FR] - use mc control faders as quick controls or midi cont

Might have posted this before, but can we please have a feature means we can use the 4 faders on an mc control to control other stuff than just volume.

Interestingly enough, because of Nuendo/Cubase’s stellar automation and clip gain, I find myself rarely having to ride levels much; but it would be great to control other parameters via the faders, which are rather nice.

So, pretty please with sugar on top, can we have mc control faders linking to other controls than just volume? Thanks! :mrgreen:

Suggest it to Avid too though, since the mc control uses the Eucon protocol.

Besides, Steinberg people seem to make a point to not only not acknowledge that they read a feature request, but make a point of not acknowledging not acknowledging it. It’s part of their (lack of) “communication M.O.”

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