[FR] Use System Track functionality only on existing selections!

Hi team,

it just occurred to me that I could use to very good effect an extension of the System Track functionality:

Let’s say I have anything selected in different staves and the System Track would only further select and delete material in those staves?
If nothing is pre-selected, the ST would of course behave as is.

Thanks for considering,

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I’m not sure I follow your suggestion. You have an existing selection in the score, but then you want to make a system track selection and delete only the material you’ve got selected? Why not just hit Delete once you’ve selected the material you want to delete?

Hey Daniel, thanks for chiming in!

It’s just another way to select non-adjacent staves with the mouse: In my suggestion, I’d select a note in each staff, let go of the modifier key and select to where I want those staves selected with the system track.
What I’d then do to this selection depends on what needs to be done… :wink: Doesn’t necessarily have to be deletion…
I only mentioned “delete” in my OP because it is a function of the system track, I should have said “Select or Delete”… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Let me try it, actually:
In the attached GIF I try to select non-adjacent staves, and it doesn’t quite work: I hold SHIFT to the end of staff 1, then CTRL for staff 3, so far so good.
But another SHIFT and everything gets selected.

Probably because I don’t know a better way to do this… :face_with_peeking_eye:


Hi @YourMusic.Pro here a “better way” to do selection of non adjacent staves (if I understand correctly your requirement). In the example below I consider for example that you have the Hand tool selected, so you need shift to change this temporarily to the Marque tool and command/control before you drag to extend the selection (if you have already the Marque tool selected that you only need command/control and drag to extend the selection):

CleanShot 2024-01-11 at 19.46.53

That’s nice!
But I’m afraid I’m still asking for my original request…:wink:

And I’ll actually raise the stakes by asking to be able to use CTRL for vertically non-adjacent selections on the System Track as well! :innocent: :pray:

Have a great evening,