FR - user definable meter behaviour on MIDI automation track

Sorry, another FR.

If one really gets into MIDI automation, and starts using a mixer window to “mix” MIDI volume, pretty quickly ones eyes get very tired of seeing the meters jumping all over the place.

The meters are of course faithfully reported the MIDI data. All of it. It is in effect random information as it is jumbling up note velocities, volumes, the lot. Very distracting.

Perhaps they could have a VERY long return time, to smooth them out, as a quick (programming) fix. Ot be user definable to reflect only certain MIDI data (eg note on events only. Or volume only. Or even chased, so it continuously displays the last MIDI event value.)

A final FR. Were the MIDI fader itself user-definable, one could then mix other data than only CC7. I would like to be able to mix say CC11 on a fader in the mix window. I am speaking of the actual fader slider here.



And try not to break what is currently working while you do it.