FR: Vamp bar playback

Hey folks,

Probably way down your list, but it would be neat if when playing back repeats marked “VAMP” that you could press a key (space bar e.g.) to come out of the vamp at the end of the current repeat. It would help e.g. Musical Theatre composers to audition their music with the script while working.


That’s what QLab and like programs are for. :wink:

(One can always recite the lines and time them with a watch; it’s easy enough to calculate how many measures of how many beats at what tempo will cover it, and actors never say the lines at the same pace the composer does: it’s Murphey’s Law.)

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Yes, agreed, however this would still be a neat feature, would save the bothersome task of bothering with either of those two things, if you could just make a repeat unspecified…