FR - VariAudio; amplitude tool..?

Would be nice to have the ability (another mouse tool…?) to adjust amplitude of notes, in addition to everything else, directly in the VA window - just like you can in Melodyne. Unless I’m missing something already…

Also, I take back what I said (went on about…!) here:-
I recently upgraded to 6.0.5 and the ‘Tab’ key now seems to work as you would hope; it was so tedious to use (when wanting to switch back and forth between ‘Pitch+Warp’ and ‘Segment’ modes) as you had to highlight the section/mode first…! Now, no need. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Oh, another thing - the pitch curve (black) line usually ends up obliterating the (black) note name and percentage pitch indication - info that becomes visible when you hover over a segment and Zoom is good enough. It is ugly to read and to work with. Select a segment and the info line at top of the window isn’t much more help either; it appears to use some ridiculous 4pt font size to display the detail - goodness grief…! When working in this window, that’s the important info you need to know…! Could this be called out somehow, made bigger, maybe white text…? Could it be a separate item from the info line and made more of etc, etc…?!? Would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

+1 to everything you just said puma!

The ability to mute segments would be very useful… You could get rid of unwanted noises without having to slice and dice the audio event (which as well being messy, causes an increase in variaudio memory overhead IIRC)

To everything.