[FR] VCA Mute on MixConsole Tracks ...

Activate the presently greyed out ‘mute’ button on the mix console VCA channel plus a ‘solo’ and ‘mute’ button added to the VCA channel in the edit window, similar to Cubase 9 Pro.

I’m just going to reiterate that the “mute” function should trigger mute on the channels being controlled, not turn off automation on the VCA. The current implementation is inconsistent in every way.

If they’re either not going to make “mute” into an actual mute audio function, I’d rather they get rid of that button completely - in both places, or relabel it into something that makes sense, in case someone actually uses it the way it is now rather than just deselecting “read” automation.

Hi MattiasNYC,

We want the same thing. VCA mute to work as it has always done on the majority of consoles I’ve used. I simply cannot imagine a logic where the devs would program the mute button to turn off automation on the VCA channel itself, that would be seriously ludicrous.

it works on Cubase 9,maybe its a bug ?

HI, Cubase 9 Pro has a different implementation of the VCA functionality.


For me, who came from Cubase, this will make mixing easier and it is like an alternative to using monitor sources (as many as I like) in Nuendo with much more flexibility.