[FR] Vertical Snap Automation Precision

+1 for Vertical Snap Automation Precision, come on.


+1 ; it’s a major feature to implement !

Since there is the possibility to enlarge notes or moving them around pressing SHIFT or SHIFT+ALT (midi editor) for changing the velocity why is there no way to put the same principle with the same keys into the main editing window for all automations.


Pressing SHIFT+line-tool=Straight/horizontal line and volume etc.

Pressing SHIFT+pensil=straight horizontal automation points of volume etc.

Pressing SHIFT+ALT after range/points selected (using range selection tool)=increase or decrease the horizontal line/the automation points

Any possibility to implement this in an upcomming update (NO upgrade). It is possible and easy to handle and shouldnt be any problem at all.

If anyone knows where to put this so that the needed people can read this please tell me :slight_smile:

Respectfully ML



Vertical snap for sure!


Vertical snap is enough and really needed in IMO while Separate editor for Automation would be nice but not sure if i would use it a lot and seems a major change in the DAW (more developing…).
So between the 2 hope Steinny keep it simple :slight_smile:


Would be great for the Steinberg team to watch and think about these implementations. Many similar features in Logic and other DAW’s.

This added alone would solve 95% of my current issues with Cubase and Nuendo’s offline automation.

Was this feature ever added ? Or it is still not possible to lock direction either vertical or horizontal ?