[FR] Video in sync / full MIDI transmition


I’ve not able to find a better place to post this, so these are my feature request for this development:

  • To transfer the project video track in sync with the audio. Great to review cues for film, TV, etc.
  • To transfer full MIDI data from the project (including MTC) in sync with the audio to allow remote play of instruments or sync with external machines.


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as for MIDI, you may want to look at this:

video…well, one by one :slight_smile:


But I don’t mean transmiting MIDI from the performer to Cubase, I mean FROM Cubase to the performer.

Just send MIDI to the VST Connect plugin. It should appear at the Performers’ MIDI Output as well as the Performers’ selected VST Instrument (if any). MTC is not supported, as sync is implicit.


I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: