FR: VST loading order with note input

It seems like Dorico will not allow MIDI input until all VST libraries for the project have loaded. For anyone using Dorico with Enable MIDI Thru checked, this obviously makes sense as otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear the MIDI input. For anyone that doesn’t use Enable MIDI Thru and uses an external VST player for MIDI input sounds, it’s kind of a bummer to have to wait for all the project sounds to load before starting writing when switching between large scores. It would be nice to go ahead and load any MIDI Input Devices first when Enable MIDI Thru is not checked, so users can instantly start input without waiting for the playback VSTs. Thanks for considering!

I don’t think this would be practical for us to change, I’m afraid.

I have two arrangements due this week and was switching between them as I had ideas and noticed I couldn’t write even though the input caret was active. I always have MIDI Thru off though so I don’t actually need the VST sounds until I use the playback for proofing. Oh well, thanks for letting me know.