[FR] Wave meters: additional features

When using the wave meters in the MixConsole, i’d love to:

  1. have the option to zoom in on the waveforms in order to easily identify upcoming “low level”-passages…
  2. have the option to change the “playhead-position”: now it’s always in the middle of the wave-meter, but by sliding it upwards, one creates a larger “lookahead-area”.
  3. show the amount of gain reduction (applied by the sum of inserted dynamics-processors) by means of showing colored waveform-parts. Or is this a Harrisson-only-patent?

Niek/ Amsterdam


Or is this a Harrisson-only-patent?

I don’t think so. Samplitude do have something a bit similar since many years for waveform display.

This is named comparisonic. It does show something similar to the spectral content of the wave.

Can be useful for precise voice editing.

The gain reduction is shown inside Nuendo PPM meters, but not in the waveforms.