[FR] Wavelab Artist?


why is there not an Artist version of Wavelab like Cubase?

For me personally, the element is too thin and the Pro version too powerful.

The Artist should then also include the functions of the Elementversion and following enhancements and features from the pro:

  • 12 instead of 3 audio tracks

  • Master Section 8 slots instead of 5

  • Complete Audio Montage Workspace to combine multiple audio files

  • Complete Audio File Workspace for sample-accurate audio editing and analysis

  • Mid / Side Monitoring, Editing and Processing

  • Unlimited file size thanks RF64 Support

  • Complete Global Audio Analysis

  • EBU-compliant loudness metering

  • Spectrometer, Bit-Meter, PhaseScope, Wave Scope

  • Audio-Analye Tools

  • Spectrum Analysis and Editing

  • Supports the industry standard DDP

  • Complete effects section with clip, track and master effects

  • EBU-compliant loudness processing

  • Pan & Loudness Normalizer

This would still be feasible for a retail price of 200,00 €.

So you’re basically saying you want full Wavelab but don’t need Batch Processing. There was a WL Artist in the past and I think the marketeers concluded it was not something to hold on to.
BTW, the 2GB file limit will be removed from WL Elements in the next version.

IMO WaveLab Elements should cost either $149 or $200 USD and have slightly less limitations so it can do DDP export, and have no limitations on track marker placements and a few other things brought back.

I honestly don’t know how people can get by with just the Elements version, I know I could not.

I know it’s an OS X only program but Triumph by Audiofile Engineering offers much more than Elements for the same price, and HOFA CD Burn & DDP which is currently being updated to add more features is also in some cases a better option than WaveLab Elements for those that need WaveLab for album assembly mainly.

I could see why with WaveLab having a smaller user base than something like Cubase or Nuendo, that maintaining 3 versions of WaveLab is probably not cost effective.

Just my two cents.

I’d like to add another important feature. Multiple monitor options! If there is any time multiple monitor options are essential, it is with software that is intended to use for mastering. Such as WL and WLE!

Maybe, but ignoring a large cutomer segment is detrimental for the bottom line. I’m convinced that Steinberg would sell lots of Artist versions to those who consider WLE too limited and WL too expensive.

Whatever features were included in an Artist version, it would be a jack of all trades and master of none. Different users, simply, has different needs. Cutdown versions has always, and will always, suffer from this. There is simply no way a developer can remove and/or limit features in a way that will suite everyone.

Here’s a revolutionary idea! Why not release a version of WL, where the user could decide which features to activate? Personally, I have no use for Spectral Editing, Batch Processing, Pod Casting, etc. I could use Multiple Monitoring, Full CD editing (including DDP), Loudness monitoring, Pro Dithering, etc. Obviously other users has other needs.

Such a version would be a Godsend.