FR: Wider field for offset

As Dorico reformat to fractions, could the field be made wider?
It is hard to read.
(I can hover to the see decimal, but wider would be better to simply read the value.)


Not only space, before you point out I didn’t even know we can hover and see the decimal numbers. Maybe there’s a way that I don’t know to switch? If no, this is one of a few things I don’t really understand, why Dorico chooses to handle small numbers exclusively this way. It seems much easier to program and more intuitive to read the decimal numbers rather than figuring out whether 17/50 is larger or smaller than 33/80. I know it’s elementary school math but still, unnecessary. Maybe fraction means more for some cultures?

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I agree. I would prefer a decimal format like 1.75 rather than 1 3/4 etc.

I think I remember reading in the pre-release blog that Dorico does actually do some of its calculations in terms of ratios, rather than floating point decimals.

Possibly because fractions of a space are entirely relative? (I’m guessing.)

Ratios are more precise: 2/3 for example rather than .6666666666 etc. I definitely find it easier to type decimal numbers though. I imagine this is hard-wired into the program all the way down to the variable types, and so would be almost impossible to change at this point.

You can type decimal values into these controls, but Dorico will convert them to and store them as fractions, and when you confirm your input, the value will then display as a fraction once more.

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Could the fields be made wider to support full display of fractions for ‘larger’ values?

What string or number to display in the box isn’t “hard-wired” and the format can be translated easily, that’s a programming 101 level exercise and in fact the box already takes decimal numbers with the mechanism needed in place. It has nothing to do with how Dorico functions internally. Practically speaking 0.66 is good enough and adding more numbers after the decimal won’t make noticeable difference. I’d love to see an accessibility option to display decimal numbers exclusively in the UI, especially for people from countries that are not looking at “three quarters of a mile” every day but fluent with understanding “0.75 km,” and as a result, anything in decimal numeral system.