[FR] Wishlist for Nuendo 6 features (various requests)

To get in direct contact with Steinberg is nearly impossible.
Maybe with this post a non Beta-Tester can have a small influence on Nuendo’s feature list.

Please keep it short, it’s just a list

ps: i don’t want to go back to PT

  • Auto Conforming Tool (they could call it “ACT”)
  • better Meta Data management, i need more information in the project window
    like original track name, e.g. “Boom” the scene an take number from the meta datas
  • Renaming audio files and events with Meta Data tags (like in BWAV Lister)
  • a better workflow with poly and split mono multitrack recordings
  • a tool that shows the other takes of a scene/shot (protools has something like this)


you can always contact me if desired.


The first 4 points are known topcis for improvements.


How about the offline-process window handling?

  • Let us apply an effect on an event and then leave the plug-in window open so one doesn’t have to reopen it.
  • Let us navigate the project and select new events to process while the plug-in window is open.

And again; why can’t you comment on the FR threads? It’s like a crap-shoot now. Feels like we’re talking to a wall.

Hey Timo,

You really go out of your way to avoid this, don’t you?

  • A simple but effective tool (plug-in or maybe better offline) for time stretch with corresponding pitch. For cases like 25fps to 24fps or the other way round.

We do this all of the time with the build-in Time stretch.
Use Solo Musical @ 104,16666% or 96%.

We get a lot of work doing pulls for different companies, as they say that ours sound best.


feels like xmas time again:

  • snapshaot automation
  • a way to make video follow events while the cursor is visible and behaves exactly like edit mode off
  • drag and drop to RX standalone or wavelab
  • object based fx/eq
  • bounce in place like in logic

Export a file with History or in preferences select if you want to save History with project. More memory needed but for me very usefull until work ends.


these functional changes should be feasible in an N6.x update, they don’t seem to be very complicated. However it won’t be in the initial Nuendo 6.x version, which will arrive in about 2 weeks.


I will have comments on the FR thread soon.


More Studio Sends please?

  1. “8-Up” (or more) spectral view for tracks (view audio parts based on spectral content rather than amplitude).

  2. Spectral Editing at track level OR spectral editor option within the sample editor window.

  3. Spectral analysis tool-set update (spectral information is at last available in the EQ display, which is great, but a fully fledged analysis tool with a colour spectrographic display should surely be a standard feature).

  4. Change bus architecture to allow for custom speaker configurations (for example Reaper offers 64 channels per bus).