Frame Break for 2nd Flow?

I’ve been using the trick of applying one Frame Break at the start of a Flow, and checking “Wait for Next Frame Break”. This makes the entire Flow fit onto one page, pushing more systems on to the page than the default settings.

However, I can’t do this if the Flow isn’t the first Flow on the Page. (For example, in an instrumental part, there’s a Tacet Flow first.) Applying the Frame Break pushes the Flow onto the next page.

Is there another way?

(Also, because I didn’t read the Release Notes, I’ve just discovered that you can apply a Frame Break to a Tacet Flow!)

Does the edit mean that you’ve just answered your own question?

No, that’s just an incidental comment. :wink:

Despite being British I think I’m about to walk into a sarcasm fail…

On the assumption that you haven’t fixed the problem, then what’s to stop you adding a Frame Break to a Tacet Flow, telling it to Wait for next frame break, then adding a frame break two flows later?

See, I said I was walking into it…

Oh, you’re absolutely right. I’d assumed that the Frame Break wouldn’t work across Flows. But it does.

Getting my Flows and Frames all muddled up! :blush:

Is there a setting where a Frame Break can have Wait for the next Frame Break automatically appplied?

I usually map out the piece before notating - so total number of bars divided into system and frame breaks. Unless the Wait for the next Frame Break is checked for all the Frame Breaks, there’s a high possibility that a System Break spills over by itself onto a page that then leads to a Frame Break - leaving just one system on a page. It can be recified manually but it feels like duplicated work …

That’s what the Make Into Frame button does, unless I’m misunderstanding you?

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Hi Leo.

It does for the first Frame Break, but - I’m pretty sure I’ve got this right - not for subsequent frame breaks.

Ah that’s true. You could create one Frame Break at bar 1, set it to Wait for next, then switch to Galley View and Alt-click it wherever you need it (page view will work but it might be hard to see where you’re clicking!).
Or you could not worry about the wait for next switch at all, then eventually Filter Frame Breaks (does select more work on frame breaks?) and set that property once.

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You can set bars per system and systems per page in Layout Options, if that’s easier.

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That sounds like a good way forward. Frame Breaks are a copy of the first Frame Break as opposed to using Shift-F. As I set up System Break in between it’ll be easy enough to find the right place. Thanks -appreciated.

Cheers Ben.

As usual, it’s a dreaded Vocal Score I’m working with. A masterpiece of irregularities!!!