Frame break

I discovered, that Dorico sometimes doens’t show the same proerties in Write Mode and Engrave Mode, when working with Frame breaks.
E.g. Write Mode shows “wait for next frame break” swirched “off” and Engrave Mode shows the same setting as “on”. Is this a known issue?

It is not an issue. Each mode has it’s own purpose and because of that some attributes are present only in engrave mode. The same thing happens with other elements: notes, slurs, etc.

Filipedfs, thank you for your answer. I think you misunderstood my question or my description was bad. I know that there are some properties, which are only visible in Engrave mode, but I have the properties for frame and system breaks in both modes. Sometimes the same property for “wait until next frame break” is different between modes. That’s what I don’t understandand what I believe is not intended.

I’m thinking that because “wait for next frame break” has no relevance in Write mode, the selected property in Engrave mode doesn’t carry through. I don’t think you can change the property in Write mode (but haven’t tried it). I agreed that properties which cannot be altered (or don’t apply) in different modes shouldn’t be visible. But it doesn’t bother me too much.

It bothers me, because frame breaks and system breaks don’t always work as expected for me. This is mainly the case, where there is XM-Import involved. Daniel, if this is not known and you need a reproducible case, I can try to create one.

I think it’s probably better for the ‘Wait for next system break’ and ‘Wait for next frame break’ properties to appear only in Engrave mode. We’ll look into changing this.