Frame Breaks and Player Labels

Hi there,

First-time post here, having bought Dorico yesterday. Firstly, can I please say that I am astounded at the ease with which I have already picked up some of the fundamental functions of the program - it’s thoroughly impressive.

Could anyone please assist me with the following. Having explored the condensing feature in some detail I have one query - how can I prevent the addition of a Frame Break from adding player labels on condensed staves (a2, a3, 1.2 etc.)

Having this information every 8 bars is unnecessary, especially if the pertinent musical passages don’t have any rests whatsoever.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the forum, Graham, and I’m glad you’re enjoying taking your initial steps with the software.

At the moment there’s no option to suppress the appearance of the player labels at the start of systems, though it’s something we’re planning to add. In the meantime, they can be hidden by way of the Properties panel if you select them in Engrave mode.

Thanks so much for the speedy reply Daniel - yes, I’ve found the Hide option in the Properties panel. Was just wondering if there was a global option for this. I look forward to it!