Frame chains Naming

hi, its me again. I have are little question about the Frame Chain Naming.
I was wondering why one was labeled La another LC and LG

then I figured out that Dorico counts every frame not just music frames. Probably the idea behind is, that in the future it’s working with text too or something. (why not do something like “LMxxx” “LTxxx” “LTPxxx”)
It looks that Frame Chains are pretty important, is there a way to name them? Couse that’s pretty random?
The other thing is. I haven’t found anything on the naming convention except M = Master and L = local in the Documentation. Maybe I was blind :slight_smile: it’s a huge documentation. A Side note would help for new users, cause it was freaking me out, I was like… where the hell are the otters 6 music frames, cause I just had LA and LF, and some text blocks between, and it didn’t made any sense at first.
Am I right with the naming? or does it work differently then I think?

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Frames that start with L have been created directly on a page (First or Default), thus creating an override. Frames that start with M have been created in a page template (look carefully what I have done: no L… frames, because I carefully avoid any overrides. I’ve grown with that Dorico habit that overrides are wrong, because they prevent Dorico to do its magic once they’re here. And if you remove overrides… you lose what you have been doing!
Don’t bother about the naming. Dorico needs to index everything, and you could delete frames, Dorico would still keep on using new indexes although the first ones are free.
Hope it helps!

I See, then I try not to loose myself into the naming detail of the chains. :slight_smile:
Ahh, I think something clicked. I just did a little example with two flows, then I designed everything locally so it fits. Local is overriding the Template, means the red triangle in the corner. that can be deleted and so on. then I did the design in the master page and so on. I am getting somewhere now I think.