Frame chains: relation between layout and flow options

One of the biggest advantage of flow based Dorico philosophy is possibility to graphicaly put music on a page anywhere you want, thanks to the music frames and frame chains. This is useful when engraving contemporary music, musical examples, etc.
However the capabilities of music frames would be much, much wider, when Dorico will give the possibility to configure, in particular flows, some of the layout options, like: bar numbers, players, staves and systems, vertical spacing. I’m not saying, that this options should be in “notation options” instead of “layout options”, but it will be good to have possibilities to choose particular flows (which are made for some specific reason, not to be in main frame chain) and independently change some of this parameters.

I’m saying it, because I consider flows and music frame chains as a one of the most powerfull tools for contemporary composer, which will leave any other scoring software far behind. Imagine this possibilities in aleatoric/graphic/topofonic/electroacoustic music.

The second thing (much simple to implement): it will be very handy to have possibility to turn on “show border” in music and graphic frames, as it is in text frames. It will really help. For now I have to put music frame and then text frame just to have border.

I’m not sure it’s part of the plan, but I’d love some of these to also be available in a bar by bar basis.