Frame problem

I cannot make the last two pages into one frame

tried everything and did the same as on the other pages where it worked well : select the first note in the hrn and the last note in the piano but suddenly it doesn’t do what it should do. Where did I go wrong?

Show signposts - make sure frame break signposts are shown - delete the frame break that I’m 99% sure is at the start of bar 70.

Thank you Lillie Harris, I hid all signposts so you were right. Although it seems a bit strange to me that the former command ‘frame break’ cannot be overruled by a new command ‘make into one frame’

“Make into frame” works in accordance with existing frames. So if you have a frame break at m70, that’s what Dorico uses as the boundary point to “make into frame.”

If I had set a frame break myself, I wouldn’t want Dorico to ignore it!

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Thanks for the reply. But in the proces of composing and editing it occurs so many times that former decisions are overruled with new insights en ideas…Isn’t that inherent to creative work?

The trick really is to delay any layout decisions until your creative process is complete!


I would also recommend, if you’re still fairly new to Dorico, getting familiar with some of the other tools at your disposal, such as note spacing settings, casting off settings, staff spacing settings etc. Getting those set to a good balance for the project/layout overall can save you a lot of manual override requirements (in the form of system/frame breaks etc).

Speaking personally, I tend to use “make into frame” very rarely - I prefer to insert single system/frame breaks where needed. If you work left-to-right, you can then just set where you want to be the start of a system/frame and then pick the next start point, and so on.


The other trick would be never use the Make into frame button, but learn to use the system breaks and frame breaks along with their “Wait for next” properties. Those signpost can be alt-clicked (duplicated), moved (alt-arrow) which can be convenient, if the rhythmic grid equals the bar value.
Edit: I could not agree more with what Lillie just sent while I was posting.

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I agree with Janus… I totally separate the creative aspect from the layout work. I tend to compose in Galley view anyways, so I don’t need to know or care about casting off.

Thank you all for the suggestions.
It seems that I’ve got still a lot to learn.

That’s why we’re here!

I make it my goal to learn at least two new things on every project: one thing about Dorico, and one thing about correct engraving.