Frame Rate 29.69

I’m trying to work with a video shot on my iPhone 4S at 1080p. When I open the movie inspector of Quicktime 7, it shows a frame rate of 29.69. There’s no setting for this in Cubase, so I tried “Get from Video”, but I get the message “Getting fps from video is not possible”. How can I sync cubase to this frame rate?


Convert the framerate to something Cubase can read…!?

Had no idea I could do that. Trying it out in Quicktime now.

Frame rate in video file shows 30fps after importing into cubase 6 frame rate changed to 20.13, and I get the error message. Any ideas how to correct this?

download demo of sony vegas (cheapest version). see if it works, then buy it.
if working with video you need something that edits video. Cubase can load basic video stuff but vegas does a LOT with it. ed

Convert it using compressor (apple) or mpeg streamclip if on osx