Frames and Flows

I’m trying to create a single staff of music at the start of (each) music section. See the attached image. I studied Daniel’s blog about making the Smith Responses, but the problem here is that I’m using Flows for the major musical sections of the whole piece, so each one has to start a new page and have a title. Using Flows for any other purposes will create unwanted titling and new pages.

My method is slightly different: I’ve create a separate flow for the single line, but I’ve filtered that Flow out of the Default Master Page’s Music Frame. I then add a frame ‘manually’, and filter only the missing Flow, and also filter out the empty staves.

Trouble is, that I get the wrong flow name for the title. Of course, I can give two flows the same name, but that’s asking for trouble. Another problem is that if the layout changes, none of this is going to move with the changes.

Is there a better way?

You can use {@flowNtitle@}, where N is the number of the flow whose title you want to show, per the numbers shown in the Flows panel in Setup mode.

Thanks, Daniel.