Frames on same page?

On jazz instrument parts its not uncommon to see an 8-bar or other multibar rest (for piano intro, say) at the top of the page, with the instrument stuff (say trumpet) to follow on subsequent lines. I wish to do this, but I can’t see a way of getting the eight-bar rest on its own line; if I make it a frame in Engrave mode, Dorico puts on its on its own page. Making the eight-bar rest a system seems to have no effect. Is there a way forcing a multibar rest to sit on its own line but on the same page as the other stuff? Can a simple line break be forced in Engrave and Print modes? (If I specify, say, 4-bar lines in Engrave, a multibar rest is treated as one bar.)


P.S. I admit I’m still not comfortable with Dorico’s notion of a frame. I’m likely missing something obvious. Help would be appreciated.

Can’t picture what you’re looking for (and I play a lot of jazz charts), but aren’t you just talking about putting a system break after the 8th bar?

Yes, it sounds to me as if you just need to select the barline at the end of the 8-bar multi-bar rest in Engrave mode and type Shift+S for a system break.

Yes, Make System Break (Shift + x) does the trick. I was using Make into System, which didn’t work. I’ll get the hang of this eventually – I hope.

Ibuckley said: “Can’t picture what you’re looking for…” I’m doing some jazz charts for a friend who wants the opening 8-bar rest (empty because they’re a piano intro) to be on its own line. I agree it isn’t necessary but I see it occasionaly–and it’s what he wants.

Thanks for the help.


Make into… functions do work very well, once you know how to use them. But indeed, the more I use Dorico, the less I use those functions, I find shift-s and shift-f easier to deal with.
To make those functions work, I select the first musical item (click) and the last barline I want in that system/frame (ctrl-click). If you select with shift (whole section selected instead of two discrete elements, it does not work. Not sure how you can do that with a multi-measure rest, but you found the proper function to serve your need.