Frank Arnold (4damind) - Blue Dot

I’m pleased to release my newest track “Blue Dot” :wink:

Style: Electronica
Length: 5:20

DAW: Cubase 7.5.20
Synth: Diva, Absynth, Predator, Nord Lead2x, Dune2, Sylenth, Spire, Harmor, Strobe, Geist…
Track Count: >30

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Listen on: Soundcloud or the Release page


Well, you posted this up in August and I haven’t been around for months.
What a shame that you’ve had no responses - until now :slight_smile:
I absolutely love it.
Superb choice of sounds/instrumentation. Lovely mood, lovely chillout feel.
Reminds me of a crossover between USA synth music and latter day Tangerine Dream.
You have a fan here so please post some more sometime eh?
Neil B