Frank Arnold (4damind) new track "Travel without moving"

Style: Uptempo EDM/Ambient
Time: 4:54
DAW: Cubase 7.0.5 64Bit on Windows 8 Pro
Track-Count: 18

Hardware: Access Virus XL/Nord Lead 2x
Soft: Predator, Spire, Absynth, Kontakt, Diva, Minimoog V

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Projekt Screenshot

Relax, take a deep breath and have fun while listening on Soundcloud or on

Nice track, thanks for sharing!

That’s a nice track! :slight_smile:
No complaints really.

Was fun following the song on the screenshot as well.

yeah, really nice…had a tune and everything…changed tack at the right time to hold the listeners interest…good feel to the whole piece…saw myself driving across a desrt with a babe and the sea on the horizon…Kevin

Thank you guys for this kind words!

nice and tight arrangement!


Hello Frank,

That was very nice and clean - great tracks. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Roland

Very beautiful track - I can’t find any mixing or instrumentation problems. The general ambiance was great - that lead synth and piano paired with the pads created a great overall sound. It was cool to have a screenshot as well - thats really a great idea. Great job!

Thank you!

I made a small “project walk” video… I think it shows a bit more than on the screenshot.
Set the Youtube player to highest quality (the video is 1080p) and see it in full screen.

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