Frank Arnold - Desert Island (Original Mix)

Hi guys,

this track is the original mix included in my (not yet released) album.

Style: Chillout/Electronica
Track count: 31
DAW: Cubase 8.5
Playtime: 7:09

Nord Lead 2x, Geist, Strobe2, Diva Jupiter 8, Dune2, Absynth, Predator, Spire, Matrix12, Prophet V, System 1…
NI Replika, Valhalla VintageVerb/Shimmer, Eventide Blackhole, Sonalksis, Slate Digital VMR/VBC, AirEQ, Klanghelm MJUC, DMGAudio…

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Have a nice day!

Nice track. Nice mix.
Love the bassline & choice of bass patches.
The string suspension give tensions which enhance the mood of the track.
Lead synth reminds me a bit of “Crazy Diamond”

Enjoyed it.

Thank you Neil for this kind words!
Have a nice day.