Frank Arnold - Kepler 152b (Original Mix)

Hi friends

Let’s visit the exoplanet Kepler 152b… or stay on Earth and listen to this track :wink:
This is the original mix which will find his place on my album.

Style: Electronic/Chillout
Track-Count: 30
DAW Cubase
Playtime: 6:24
Gear: Dune2, Spire, Predator, Fxpansion Strobe 2 + Geist, a lot from Arturia V-Collection…

on Hearthis:
on Soundcloud:

Hi Frank, I hear a lot of cool effects on this one. I like the sounds you’re getting. Thanks for posting. Maybe you should write one for Proxima B?

Thank you Early21!
Proxima B… this is a good idea :wink: